After several years without one, I’m once again the owner of what might be called a cross bike. Whilst actually racing cyclocross is probably about as far removed from my idea of fun as it’s possible for cycling to get, if you take the basic concept of a road bike and give it more tyre clearance and disc brakes, you end up with something that’s great for mixing up quiet rural roads with off-road trails. Which is a pretty splendid way to spend your day.

And so, after 8 years of mostly neglecting the local trails, I’ve been rediscovering them.

What’s more, I recently learned not only that my phone supports USB OTG, meaning it can read full-size SD cards, but also that Adobe Photoshop Express supports raw files. Which made a fine excuse to dig out my Ricoh GR Digital II and rediscover that, too.

So, à propos of nothing, some pictures. All taken on the GRD2 and processed in Photoshop Express using the “silvered” filter and tweaks to exposure and shadows. And all starring That Bloke from The Ride Journal.









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